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Women's Mentoring Program

The WSU Mentorship Program aims to match engineering, computer science, and architecture students with practicing professionals in their field of study. 

This gives students an opportunity to talk to someone outside of the university and to learn about a career as a practicing engineer/professional. 

The basic framework of the program is to communicate via email at least once per month, and get together a couple of times during breaks. 

This can be as informal as coffee, lunch, etc.  Some mentors also take their students on office tours or let them job shadow for a day. 

By providing a forum of contact with practicing professionals, we hope to increase student interest and retention in these important fields.

For more information and to participate, please e-mail us at



Guidelines for Mentors

  • A contact person from WSU will provide you with the student’s contact information.  You should make initial contact with the student. 
  • It is important to emphasize that you are available to answer any questions they might have in regards to working in the engineering field. 
  • You should also propose a time to meet during their breaks. 
  • E-mail communication should occur at least once per month, and you should try to meet with the student at least once during their breaks. 
  • This program does not have a formal framework, and is intended to be an opportunity to form relationships.

Guidelines for Mentees (Students)

  • A contact person from WSU will provide you with the mentor’s contact information. 
  • The mentor will contact you, but if you don’t hear from your mentor you may contact her. 
  • This program is intended to be an opportunity for you to form relationships with practicing engineers and start networking before you enter the workforce. 
  • You should communicate via email with your mentor at least once per month, and meet with her at least once during your breaks.  
  • It is up to you and your mentor what type of activity you do when you meet.  Activities can range from meeting for coffee to ask questions and talk about what it’s like to be an engineer, to job shadowing.

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Important Update: 

The Women's Mentoring Program is in need of additional mentors. Mentors should be professional, practicing engineers, architects, and computer scientists. 

If you’re interested in becoming a mentor, email us at 

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